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Amazing Classical Guitars and Multi-Strings
Guitars in Blaine Washington

Some notable Players

 Updated 2/23/17

Chris Albanese
Chris teaches guitar in Vancouver BC.
He plays a classical I built for him in 2010.
He also also plays improvised music with Crawling Human.

Want to learn?
Contact Chris
Richard Rorex

Rich lives in Stanwood, WA.  He plays lots of local gigs in lots of styles, including classical and jazz.

He also composes/arranges and teaches guitar. 

Aliéksey Vianna

Aliéksey is one of the world's greatest players!

I built him a custom 8 string.  

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Alain Reiher

Talented Guitarist and Composer.  He plays a Ganz guitar inspired by Aličksey's Daily.

If you want to book a great guitarist, buy a great CD, or  have a interesting conversation about guitar stuff, email Alain.


Stanton C Jack  

Stanton is just about the happiest guitarist I have ever met!  Stanton lives and teaches guitar in British Columbia..  He plays a Ganzanillos, one of my guitars built in the Romanillos tradition. 

The picture to the right was taken during a concerto performance.  


Nacio de Falla

I met Nacio when he tripped over a guitar I built....  he has been playing guitar for over 30 yrs. (And hes not much older than that.) He grew up in a flamenco family and has been performing since the age of 10.
He has made several CDs, teaches music, composes, and plays live whenever he can.  
email him
or visit his blog
Jacek Kado
A guitarist with finesse and musicality.  He is a serious multi-stringer, having played 8 string guitar for many years.
Here he is on a sunny day, playing the 11 string guitar inspired by the arch-guitar built for James Kline by Gary Southwell . 
In Vancouver, BC,
contact him via phone: 604 854 2325 or email Jacek

Babak Fasafi

Babak is a fine player and composer.  He has maple guitar that I built. Babak has played on several CDs.

"I recorded for a fusion ensemble and the CD ..:  Themes - Peyman Yazd.  Your Guitar is also a great instrument for recording, I really enjoyed recording with that recently."

Babak's Website


Jillian Speer 

Jillian is into a lot of stuff!

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Steve Ganz