So busy! But a new recording.

I’m working on several guitars right now. Too busy to reflect on what I’m doing? Just into it.

But I did manage to play one: Check it out if you dare.

I am finishing a new beautiful Ganzanillos, 640 scalelength, Brazilian Rosewood and Italian Spruce.
There are two Hauser 1937 style instruments with the 650 scalelength and Honduras Rosewood bodies.
Also, there is a Romanillos style with exquisite spruce and Indian Rosewood.
Busy busy busy.

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2 Responses to So busy! But a new recording.

  1. Rick Beauregard says:

    Very nicely played Steve. You’ve inspired me to record my own version of this lovely piece, once my “m” nail grows out again. It and my “p” both took a hit on my maiden voyage of Dauphine up the Salish sea a couple weeks ago.

    Which brings me to Solidarity. I’ve had your fine solid top cedar since late December, and have about 190 hours of playing time on it so far. Ya about 2 hours a day, often much more. I LOVE the guitar, and enjoy playing it. It is so easy to play, and takes so much less work to get so much more sound, color, and dynamics out of it. I’m not an expert at describing subtleties of the sound of a guitar, so I won’t try. All I know is that it sounds great to me. When I get tired sitting in a proper classical position, I sometimes rest the guitar on my right leg and wrap my arm around it as I play. The sound reverberates straight through my chest cavity. It has taken on all my own personal little scratches, but is in no way abused and is still, and hopefully will remain, mint, and in a good home. I’ve learned nearly a dozen new pieces since owning Soladirity, including Preludio, which was the first piece I heard played on it in Stanton’s video. Most of these can be found on my YouTube channel, beaugy99.

    Thanks for your great work and friendship.


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