1996 Antonio Marin Montero

Here are some pictures of a friend’s guitar. Antonio Marin Montero, 1996.

And video

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2 Responses to 1996 Antonio Marin Montero

  1. Andreas Bessey says:

    a very interesting and illuminating view inside a Marin! I havn´t had a chance to see something like that, the opening brace by the soundhole, the fine and exactly work…
    I´m not very familiar with Marin Guitars. Do you know, if it is a Bouchet model?
    Thanks for the nice insights!
    Best regards,
    Andreas Bessey
    Hamburg, Germany

  2. steverino says:

    I’m glad you found it interesting and illuminating Andreas. I’m not sure of all the models and variations he does, however, this guitar is 20 years old, things may have changed… or not.
    If you haven’t already, check out the article in a recent Orfeo

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