A concert and a walk with Gyan Riley

Friday night I went to a concert at the Western Front art house in Vancouver. Gyan Riley was playing and it was a total pleasure to see and hear him play for a long set. Gyan’s technique is classical, but his music transcends that. Innovative, creative, sometimes textural and sometimes lyrical phrases offered up with seemingly effortless precision. I have to say that it was the most interesting concert I’ve been to in a long time. Definitely worth the trip from Blaine. Also worth a visit: http://gyanriley.com/

Then today I went back to Vancouver to pick Gyan up for a walk in the sunshine to catch up on each others’ life developments over the past 9 years. We made a quick stop at the nearby sign, so Gyan could make the visual joke.

And then headed up towards Squamish for a pleasant trek.

A fun time in the good weather. Pictures Credit: Gyan Riley

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Kyle takes the cake…. The OC Guitar Festival

Kyle Khembonjong placed first in the youth division at the Orange County Guitar Festival last weekend. Congratulations Kyle. Here he is holding his certificate and with Manuel Barrueco. These guys can both play guitar pretty well, and it looks like they have the same haircut… Kyle will have to work on the facial hair.

I’ve posted about Kyle before. http://ganzguitars.com/wp/kyle-khembunjong-and-his-100-days-of-practice/

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Three Cut-aways – Tops

Two cedar, one spruce. All three tops will be what I call “channel top” construction.

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I also play.

Photo credit: Merrilee

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Three cut-aways… Necks

This gallery contains 5 photos.

On the project of cut-aways… http://ganzguitars.com/wp/new-design-for-cut-away/ I am making a batch of 3 of them. All will be negras, with Indian Rosewood back and sides. Two will be 650 scales, one 640. One will be Spruce, the other two Cedar. … Continue reading

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Bridge weight

Here is what happens to a bridge when it gets shaped prior to being attached to a guitar. It loses weight.

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New Design for Cut-away

Pedro wants a florentine cut-away. I’ve done another style in the past, so I’m making this design … It has to do a few things;

  • Allow access to the very upper frets without putting the thumb on top of the soundboard
  • Be structurally sound
  • Look good and satisfy the designer – me
  • Most important, – Pedro will like playing it.
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Let’s hope this works.

My web hosting service decided to retire my server.  If you are reading this, it’s on the new server, which I have been told will be much faster, and more secure.  If you visit my blog and notice any changes, please let me know.  Thank you,

Steve Ganz, luthier, repair person, web master… etc.

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Feedback from Players

I get updates from people who play the guitars I build.  Sometimes I reference them here, on the Appreciation page. It’s rewarding when players do that.  Sometimes they send me pics of OUR babies…  Yes, I build ’em and they … Continue reading

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A 1960’s Harmony

This gallery contains 7 photos.

Well.  Here’s a nice looking old guitar. Here’s my analysis… Harmony steel string H162 model?, 000 shape  ?, on the inside 2222H162 Requests Assessment Setup Strings Tuners Top is laminate/ply spruce, cracked on outside veneer Back and sides are plywood … Continue reading

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