2018 NW Handmade Musical Instrument Exhibit

I’m going to Portland for the Saturday, Northwest Handmade Musical Instrument Exhibit. April 28th – Sunday, April 29th, 2018 It’s the first time for me at this show, so I’m not sure what to expect… Except that there are two … Continue reading

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New Guitar pics – April ’18

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Here is a new guitar for a good local customer.  Old Brazilian.  Euro spruce.  Ganz/Romanillos design. Lined with cypress.  I am honored and  thankful for the trust and sponsorship of my work by my customers.

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Arm rest

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Arm rests are becoming popular for guitars of all types. Why? Some people think that the edge of the guitar hurts their arm. Some people think their arm actually stifles the sound when it rests directly on the top. Others … Continue reading

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Random pictures

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I don’t feel like ‘splaining. They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

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Humidity And Guitars – another resource

If you look at this information at http://americanmusicfurniture.com/humidity-matters/ You can see the effects of too much humidity and not enough.  Here is a small section of that page. What do other guitar builders have to say? From the Martin Guitar Company … Continue reading

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Humidity testing the shop hygrometer

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If you remember the previous post about humidity,  recall the plastic pouch with special crystals that control the humidity in the pouch at 32% rh? After 24 hours in the pouch , the hygrometer reads…. 31%.  Pretty accurate.  The least … Continue reading

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Humidity. Measurement and trusting the numbers.

Humidity is important. When I build a guitar in my shop, I try to control the humidity. The wood must by dry. I have three ways to change humidity.  First is a dehumidifier.  It gets used mostly in the summer, but rarely even then.  I have a cool mist humidifier.  I also have a heater.  The heat lowers the humidity in the shop quite a bit.

But before you control it, you have to measure it. I have two moisture meters to measure the humidity in each piece of wood that I use. Both give similar readings but I have two to make sure that every piece of wood that I use is as dry as it can be before it goes into a guitar.

Humidity in the air is important when building instruments. I control it with a dehumidifier, or a humidifier when the relative humidity in the shop goes too far up or down. How can I tell?

I have a favorite hygrometer. Here are three. Notice that they all report the temperature as 68 degrees Fahrenheit.   Relative humidity is another issue though.  One reports 45%, another reports 33%, and another 38%.  Yes.  Different hygrometers give different readings.  The numbers seem exact until you realize the validity is in doubt due to individuality of the devices.

Here’s some photos.



Which is correct?   Boveda makes a little kit to test.   There is a sealable bag with salt crystals soaked to a specific relative humidity.  In 24 hours I can see what this hygrometer reads… 

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Finish prep…

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Before a guitar gets a french polished shellac finish, there is lots of attention to detail in preparation. Sanding, smoothing with a cabinet scraper, looking from all angles and lighting. Even the fingerboard gets oiled. Pores get filled. The top … Continue reading

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January 9 2018

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Ganzanillos continues to make progress… looooking gooood. The box is closed, the bindings on, body sanded.  The clamps are for gluing in the carbon fiber neck reinforcement.

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Both sides now

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The sides meet at the butt of the guitar…  they get a splice to clean up the joining.

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