I started this blog near the beginning of 2011, just to see if I liked it, and if it might be a possible benefit to me and my customers.  It is sort of fun to make an entry, usually pictures, although I can exercise a few writing skills …

If you have suggestions, please offer them.

Update November 2018…  My host has switched around my servers and I had to do some work on the this wordpress blog.

Update April 2012… I’m warming to making more regular entries to the blog.  Not so much for my customers as for myself.  It is fun to represent what is going on.

As for questions, I’ve had a few.  Feel free to post them as comments, or email me … steve@ganzguitars.com …   or just give me a call on the phone.

6 Responses to About

  1. Mel Hughes says:

    More photos! This is great, Steve, almost as good as the photos you sent me when you were making my guitar. That Hauser looks like it could fill an auditorium all by itself. The Ganz-Bernabe looks like a younger cousin to mine… Keep the blog going!

    • steve says:

      Thanks Mel. I’ll try to keep it going. Gotta remember to take the camera out to the workshop.
      Sometimes it’s hard to find something to say.

  2. Virginia says:

    Photos say volumes.

  3. Elise Ganz says:

    The photos of workshop look great!
    your sis

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