Ganz/Torres FE 5 – Spruce and Movingue – Sold – Thank you!

OK.  Special Guitar Alert!

A small body that uses the precise measurements of Torres’ FE 5 (as per Romanillos’

Antonio de Torres, Guitar Maker: His Life and Work)

Scale length is 650, nut width 52, string spacing at nut 43, string spacing at bridge 57.

The body is smaller (about 1 inch shorter and less wide at the bouts and waist), yet feels natural and comfortable with my Gitano guitar support, with a foot stool, or just on my right thigh.

This guitar sounds amazing and plays amazing!  It is for sale, with a nice case.  The price for this masterpiece. $____.  Email me to INQUIRE… I want to build you one!

Here is a bit of Sor .   (No reverb, echo, or other effects…)