A Post-Covid concert invite to Lummi Island

Earlier this month I got a call from Eric Warner at Pacific Rim Tonewoods. (PRT)

Eric wanted me to invite me to a concert that Miroslav Tadic was going to perform that evening. PRT has been involved in a project that commissioned 3 steel string guitars from a builder in Australia, and the concert was to show those three guitars. Miro is primarily a nylon string player, so I was invited to bring a couple guitars. He chose one to play with his partner, violinist Yvette Holzwarth. Their duo is special!

It was a fun house concert. After more than a year of virtual concerts, this was a real, in the flesh event! I am so happy to be invited to participate.

Thank you to Pacific Rim Tonewoods, Eric Warner, Steve McMinn, Miroslav Tadic, and Yvette Hazwarth for a lovely evening, along with with honor of representing classical guitar building in the Northwest Washington area.

This is the one that Miro chose that evening:

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