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Luthier in the northwest of the Northwest. Classical guitars, custom instruments, repairs and restorations.

Left-handed complement?

I made a custom guitar for Jake Carlon in Pullman WA. Jake came to Blaine last summer to meet me and look at my shop and some of my woods. He expressed a couple of preferences then. First and most … Continue reading

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The passing of Jose Luis Romanillos

I met Jose Romanillos in 1996 at a meeting of the Guild of American Luthiers in Tacoma. I was immediately intrigued with his approach to making guitars. In particular, the way he worked the top with a wooden plane, and … Continue reading

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Blast from the past… 8 string guitar offered – used

I get emails from Elderly Instruments in Lansing Michigan. They have a guitar which I built a while ago. Here’s a screen dump of a part of the listing. You can find more information about the instrument at the link … Continue reading

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Support your local guitar support

I regularly visit a guitar bulletin board: the Delcamp Classical Guitar forum . Another member of the forum, Amy Gaudia, has made a guitar support that is getting great reviews. It’s called Amy’s Handmade Guitar Support. (Click the link!) … Continue reading

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I don’t have popup windows…

I hope that’s true. If you ever see them on my blog, please let me know. When I visit websites nowadays I’m immediately bombarded with a popup window, asking me if I want to subscribe, or be notified of every … Continue reading

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Rich Rorex visit and video

Rich and his friend Karen Ruth Foster Erickson, came to visit the workshop this fall. She is a videographer, so… I’m the guy who talks a lot. 🙂 Find Rich Rorex at

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Recordings from Ian Hill

Ian came to Blaine in 2014 to pick up his guitar, then he took it back to Vancouver. I attended a recital in which he played it. He posted a video. That’s Ian on the right, Saul Domingo Morales on … Continue reading

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A visit from another Steve

Steve Oliver has commissioned a guitar to be built. Actually I’m right in the middle of constructing it. He came to my workshop to visit and check the progress. Thanks for visiting, Mr Oliver. It’s a pleasure to share conversation … Continue reading

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Cedar top, 640 scale length, cut-away

Here is a quite nice instrument. Very easy to play. I wrote about it before on this blog. It is a sibling of the one I built for Pedro Cortes in 2019. It has been here all that time. I … Continue reading

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Rosette evolution

Brazilian background.

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