A concert and a walk with Gyan Riley

Friday night I went to a concert at the Western Front art house in Vancouver. Gyan Riley was playing and it was a total pleasure to see and hear him play for a long set. Gyan’s technique is classical, but his music transcends that. Innovative, creative, sometimes textural and sometimes lyrical phrases offered up with seemingly effortless precision. I have to say that it was the most interesting concert I’ve been to in a long time. Definitely worth the trip from Blaine. Also worth a visit: http://gyanriley.com/

Then today I went back to Vancouver to pick Gyan up for a walk in the sunshine to catch up on each others’ life developments over the past 9 years. We made a quick stop at the nearby sign, so Gyan could make the visual joke.

And then headed up towards Squamish for a pleasant trek.

A fun time in the good weather. Pictures Credit: Gyan Riley

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