A podcast from Del – Retirement Talk

Before moving to Blaine in 2009, I was talking with a friend. My friend Del does podcasting on the topic of “Retirement” . He’s been retired for quite a while, so he’s pretty qualified on the topic. Retirement (Life without the complication of work): It’s something he and his wife, Brenda, enjoy.

While not being mentioned by name, I’m the guy he talked to more than ten years ago. Del and Brenda have visited me here in Blaine. I built a guitar for him that he plays on his podcast intro’s and backgrounds. You can find his blog at https://www.retirementtalk.org/

Here’s the podcast about the guitar maker changing …. https://www.retirementtalk.org/rt707.mp3


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Luthier in the northwest of the Northwest. Classical guitars, custom instruments, repairs and restorations.
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