Absence Makes the Heart

I took a break for a couple of months.   From building guitars, that is.  I had lots of stuff going on, working on my house, coping with winter…

This is the first time in a few years that I have not had specific guitar orders to fill.  Sometimes it is easy to let other people decide what direction one’s efforts take.  Like most builders who are creative types, I have many ideas floating around in my head.  So I decided to wait for one of the ideas to float to the top and get my attention.

However, what happened was this:  The ideas kept circulating to the top, like molecules of water circulating in a boiling pot of water.   Some ideas stayed on top for  longer than others, but all of them circulated to the top.  How confusing!

The idea that came to the top most often and recently was this.  Not building guitars was making me feel lousy!   I need to be building!   So I settled on accepting that several different projects will happen at once.    March has been a productive time so far.  I’m working on the mental and emotional terrain left fallow the the dark of Jan and Feb.

My inspiration is not just for the product,  but the process and need to make musical instruments.




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Luthier in the northwest of the Northwest. Classical guitars, custom instruments, repairs and restorations.
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