At the festival

I’ve been at the festival – La Guitarra California – for the past couple of days.  On Friday I met up with Celil Refik Kaya.  Celil is the nicest kid (he’s 25) you’ll ever meet, and is one of the most skilled guitar players I’ve met – or heard.  I showed him some guitars that I brought.  He is also a thoughtful and skilled demonstrator/tester of guitars.  Each guitar got a quick get acquainted minute, followed by a full piece played on over the next few minutes.  Then we grabbed lunch at the Mexican restaurant next door to the hotel…  A great time.

Saturday (yesterday) began with me attending a concert by Celil.  I can recommend that you see him.  His rendition off Valses Poeticos was amazing.

I had a great time showing instruments to and getting great feedback from visitors.  Some name dropping: Viginia Luque, Grisha Goryachev.

By the end of the day, one guitar went home with a happy new customer.




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