Humidity And Guitars – another resource

If you look at this information at

You can see the effects of too much humidity and not enough.  Here is a small section of that page.

What do other guitar builders have to say?

From the Martin Guitar Company site: “Your guitar is made of thin wood which is easily affected by temperature and humidity. This combination is the most important single part of your guitar’s surroundings. Martin keeps the factory at a constant 45-55 percent humidity and 72-77 degrees Fahrenheit. If either humidity or temperature get far away from these factory conditions, your guitar is in danger.”
Martin also suggests keeping your guitar in the travel case where the small space is more easily humidified.

From Larrivee: ”Fully 80% of the guitars returned requiring repair have damage which is the result of severe dehydration. Damage due to dehydration is not covered under warranty because it is owner-preventable environmental damage.”


But if your guitar has humidity problems let me know and we’ll get it fixed right.

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