Jean-Hervé’ s 7 string

When Jean-Hervé contacted me (2002 or so) about a guitar it was we began to chat about what he wanted: 7 strings, the best wood, (my best work) special design and he specified that I have creative license. OK! As we spoke more, we upgraded the back and sides to African Blackwood. The tuning machines would be a custom (Very!) set of Gilberts.

After I joined the back and top pieces, I took this picture. The blackwood has an interesting contrasting blaze of sapwood.
After a bit more assembly here are components on my workbench. You can see on the wall my design for the head. I still have the design file.

Jean-Hervé got excited and so did I. In order to execute this design, I needed an extra long roller on one of the machines. So, I made the modification, using “Luthier Know-how” (I’ll try anything that makes sense. And some things that don’t.) So the following gallery has some pics of adapting the machines.

So the tuners came out great. The modification is not quite invisible, but it’s darn close.

2003 is a while ago. I don’t seem to have good pictures of the instrument when it was completed! I included, in my previous post, a few pics that Jean-Hervé took recently before his passing. Thank you Jean-Hervé Paul. Thank you for sharing your music, and encouraging others to share theirs.

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