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Rick has had the guitar, Solidarity, for a couple of years.  The progress he has made on it is great, and he has a couple new videos that demonstrate how his music is coming along.

He has some nice pictures of the area around here.




I think that Rick is appreciating this area, the people he has met, and his music is reflecting the love he has for it, his family and his life.

It was a cold day today.  It’s November.  Here’s another video from Beaugy

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  1. Rick Beauregard says:

    Thanks Steve. I’m still trying to master, not only playing, but recording. I had the gain a little high on WMT. Light reverb. The pixelation thing is a computer memory problem I think. But it’s actually kind of cool. These are photos of Mt. Baker area mostly, and backyard lavender.

    A little less reverb if any on Un Dia. And the gain was right. I recorded this on November 1 or 2, so I caught the early snowfall to include.

    I mostly have been using Savarez Alliance trebles and Corum Basses Standard Tension. Recently I have put on a set of Dogal regular tension trebles to give a try, with the Savarez basses. Jury’s still out.

    YouTube channel beaugy99 has lots of my Delcamp.org student submissions that are completely without any effects, to highlight the great tone of Solidarity.

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