Santa’s guitar progress

For the last 3 weeks, I have been trying to get my shop in order. I have two pretty important machines that are down. My thickness drum sander and a bandsaw are down. I won’t recount exactly what is wrong, but the problems require parts. Since both machines are older than college freshmen, sophmores, etc, the are almost obsolete to the manufacturers, which means parts are hard to find. Distracting!

It’s hard to build guitars while distracted, but I have progress on a guitar for Santa. That’s her name, a very nice lady-person who plays guitar in Vancouver.

Here is a the rosette before being inlaid into the top.

Rosette for Santa

Rosette for Santa

And here the top is getting braces glued on.

braces gluing on gobar deck

braces gluing on gobar deck

Machines be damned! I am going to have to do some stuff the old fashioned way!

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