Angelito Agcaoili plays Weiss Suite in D maj.

18 minutes of music!  Recorded with a camera from the audience…. there was a tripod.  Mr Agcaoili displays his musicality and focus, in addition to command of the 8 string guitar.

A couple years ago I got an email from a guitarist, Angelito Agcaoili.  He had bought a guitar I made in 2003.  It was an experimental prototype in a few ways.

  • It was a double top, made entire of of sitka spruce, with channels of air making it lighter and thicker than a typical guitar top.  My first double top.
  • The top has no braces other than a bridge patch.
  • It had two banjo tuners.
  • Back and sides made of Alaskan Yellow Cedar.
  • Two-part bookmatched fingerboard of Honduras Rosewood.
  • The biggest experiment.  I sent the guitar on a national tour….  I asked members of a guitar email list to volunteer to try the experiment.  The deal was this:  All you had to do was send the guitar to the next person who wanted to try it.  That simple.  I had a handful of volunteers who gave me nice and useful feedback.  Guitar people are almost always good to me.
  • Basically, I built the guitar out of spare parts, and I labelled it “Spare Partita”.

I think the guitar had two owners prior to Angelito.

Angelity studied guitar (doctorate) at Arizona State University and now teaches at Arcadia Music Academy in Phoenix, AZ and during the summer at the Philippine Women’s University where he heads the graduate studies for guitar.

His website is

I’ll see if I can find some pictures of the Spare Partita for a future post.

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  1. LNdeF says:

    Awesome!! Wish I had been on that mailing list. I hear nothing but good things about Alaskan Yellow Cedar……makes a wonderful neck wood as well.

  2. LNdeF says:

    If you think that would be best.
    I’m game.

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