Anna Pietrzak and Carl Petersson

I met this amazing guitarist, Anna Pietrzak, at a picnic in Vancouver BC in 2018, or was it 2017… has it been that long ago? She’s from Poland, and her husband Carl Petersson is from Sweden. I immediately took a shine to both and had a nice conversation where Carl mentioned that they anticipated moving to Vancouver… That happened in that fall of 2019 (for sure) and since then I’ve been welcomed into their downtown Vancouver apartment multiple times. In addition to being an excellent guitarist, Anna is a good cook, and Carl makes a good salad. They also make music together. I’m so thankful and want to share them!

I’ll write more about them in the future, but for this entry, I’ll just include a very interesting piece that they performed together.

In closing, I’ll just note that today is March 30 2020, and the state of Washington is under a “Stay Home” order. The border between BC and Washington is closed to all but commercial traffic. I’m afraid that means I won’t be getting together with Anna and Carl real soon, but I can write about them!

Here’s a link that explains Stay Safe, Stay Home.

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