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Luthier in the northwest of the Northwest. Classical guitars, custom instruments, repairs and restorations.

Humidity testing the shop hygrometer

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If you remember the previous post about humidity,  recall the plastic pouch with special crystals that control the humidity in the pouch at 32% rh? After 24 hours in the pouch , the hygrometer reads…. 31%.  Pretty accurate.  The least … Continue reading

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Humidity. Measurement and trusting the numbers.

Humidity is important. When I build a guitar in my shop, I try to control the humidity. The wood must by dry. I have three ways to change humidity.  First is a dehumidifier.  It gets used mostly in the summer, … Continue reading

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Finish prep…

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Before a guitar gets a french polished shellac finish, there is lots of attention to detail in preparation. Sanding, smoothing with a cabinet scraper, looking from all angles and lighting. Even the fingerboard gets oiled. Pores get filled. The top … Continue reading

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January 9 2018

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Ganzanillos continues to make progress… looooking gooood. The box is closed, the bindings on, body sanded.  The clamps are for gluing in the carbon fiber neck reinforcement.

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Both sides now

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The sides meet at the butt of the guitar…  they get a splice to clean up the joining.

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Component Convergence – updated

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Everything comes together.

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Top for Kevin’s Ganzanillos

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December 2017… work on Kevin’s Guitar. I took a week to go to DC, but things are progressing nicely.

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A blemish.

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OK, it happens.  An error.  The glue dries.  I probably should have undid it but the guitar asked me to please finish her.  So, she has a slight deformation that will not keep her from playing beautifully.  I’ve had her … Continue reading

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Rosette Choice

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Here are two rosettes inlaid into great European Spruce tops.  I have to make a choice which to use for a particular guitar. So, left or right?

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Rosettes and tops November 2017

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What’s going on in the workshop: Rosettes and Tops!  Plus, I’m almost finished french polishing a new cedar double top.

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