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Bridge weight

Here is what happens to a bridge when it gets shaped prior to being attached to a guitar. It loses weight.

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New Design for Cut-away

Pedro wants a florentine cut-away. I’ve done another style in the past, so I’m making this design … It has to do a few things; Allow access to the very upper frets without putting the thumb on top of the … Continue reading

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Let’s hope this works.

My web hosting service decided to retire my server.  If you are reading this, it’s on the new server, which I have been told will be much faster, and more secure.  If you visit my blog and notice any changes, … Continue reading

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January 2013 Guitar Playmate

The guitar of the month for January 2013 The guitar is currently available to purchase. – Type: classical guitar built by Ganz – Date of construction: 2012 December label – Scale length (mm): 640 – Top: Euro Spruce – Back … Continue reading

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work on Nacio’s 8

This gallery contains 4 photos.

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Rosette Madness Strikes.

OK. I do roses one at a time. There are similarities, and I do duplicates, but I don’t just churn them out. There is something like inspiration that I need. This one is for a very exciting player, Nacio, who … Continue reading

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Easy neck profile

Making a neck profile is theoretically easy but in practice, it’s hard! Using foam core poster board, it is pretty easy in practice! I hope these are clear.

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Table for one.

French polish station and gourmet food station.

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Stringing and the 12 hole tie-block

Traditionally, tie-blocks have one hole for each string. The single hole method results in a loop around the string between the tie-block and the saddle, which does a couple of things that are annoying. The first is to lessen the … Continue reading

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And now, a musical interlude with my friend Hanh

Hanh is such a lovely person. And she can play guitar with so much technical expertise and passion.

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