Photo of a beautiful guitar.

Sometimes A photo can do justice.  This one does it for me.  Click on it for it’s own window.

dramatic figure and lighting


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Guitar Built in Spain – 2004

Here are some pictures of a guitar I built in Spain, 2004 in the Romanillos workshop.

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Rosette Samples


The rosette has a function…  it isolates the soundhole from cracks. Other than that, they are decorative!  Here is a collection of some rosettes…  just for some ideas.  Let me know if a material intrigues your or if there are any elements that you like particularly positive or negative.


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Spruce Dazzle – All spruced up.

This gallery contains 5 photos.

When I get some wood it goes into a stack for several years.  It dries, and oxidizes.  This spruce, from the Alps, came rough sawn.  You can see below what it looks like before and after planing.  Planing gets rid … Continue reading

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Set # 11

Set # 11

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Different size and shape guitar patterns

“to see a photo of your Concert model against your Romanillos model”

Let’s go with the larger one.  Not only is its breadth bigger, but also the length of it.  Since we are going with a longer scale length the bigger one makes sense.


2 plantillas

Romanillos versus Concert shape

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Sets 9 and 11….

For LC:  In answer to your email questions….Both of these sets have inspiring visual and musical attributes.  Both have excellent tap tones.  Very solid and dense tone  with good high components. Both are a good size and both have excellent matching sides.



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Don’t Keep Your Guitar On the Couch

Really.  It is a dangerous place.

Keep it in it’s case, Steve

Really.  It might be comfortable, but it is “Not Safe.”



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A slightly radical change…Nico’s ax

Nico Audy-Rowland

is a composer and performer of music that ain’t classical guitar.  But he likes to compose on nylon strings.  When he came to me with his martin backpacker, and an idea… He also likes a long-scale baritone tuning.    His idea:  turn the backpacker (610 mm scale) into a baritone (700 mm scale).  This would reguire a new fingerboard with frets place for the new scalelength, and repositioning the bridge….Oh, and he also wanted a midi out.

So, here are some pictures of the project.

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Bart Migal is another repeat customer.  He originally found one of my guitars at a dealer in New York, and it was a gift to his dad!  Then he commissioned this one (seven string cutaway) from me a few years ago.  It got string whipped while changing strings, so he sent it to me and I gave it some attention.  Shown below, larger than life.

String Slap




While I had it, I decided it needed some work on the frets.  A few had come loose. And the finish on the back of the guitar was grotty.  So I brought it on to my kitchen workbench and refeshed the french polished shellac.

It’s just wood, but I love it so.

Thanks Bart.  Your guitar was a fine guest.