More Hauser Work

I finished getting the body together a while ago….  Things got busy around the new year, so I haven’t kept the log up to date.

back on image

The back is on.

The back is on.  The heel cap goes, the heel cap is applied and the heel gets carved around it and then the fingerboard is glued on and neck gets carved.

heel cap img

Heel cap

img of heel

carving around heel cap

fingerboard gluing

The fingerboard is glued.

fingerboard on img

fingerboard on

rosette img


There is the rosette.

Redwood burl.

guitar img

Guitar on bench

You can click on the pictures below for enlargements.

The neck still needs to be carved.

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A few random pictures.

Yeah, I have little to say really.  I thought I’d show carving a heel on the Hauser….

I shaped the heel cap and glued it on carefully.  Then it’s a matter of carving around it.

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1937 Hauser Top

Here is the 1937 Hauser top plan.  I’m using R. Brune’s plan and notes.

hauser top

hauser top

This is traditional Spanish style building.  (I’m not sure how this is like Hauser’s method or not.)  The top is braced, then mounted on the solera workboard.  From here, the neckis aligned and then glued.

Then the sides are fitted to the neck and top.


Neck and sides attache

sides locked in

sides locked in

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