Torres FE 05 model

A couple years ago I made a Torres FE 05 out of Movingue which was very successful. The original, labeled in 1857, Sevilla was built with Rio Rosewood. So here’s another FE 05 incarnation, with some beautiful rosewood. Scale length is 650, like the original. In fact, I have replicated all the original measurements that were documented in the Romanillos book, “Antonio De Torres: Guitar Maker His Life and Work

The sound is great. Let me know if you want to try her. The guitar is available for purchase.

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Some pictures of a guitar for JP

Here’s a guitar finished earlier this year. I suppose you might say it’s pretty. A few bells and whistles. It is a Romanillos plantilla, but with double sides and back. Rosewood and Euro-Spruce. Powerful and soulful voice. 650 scale length.

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Joachim Schneider Guitar spa treatment

A customer brought his guitar in to refresh the finish. So I took some pictures.

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More of Brandon’s guitar

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A guitar for Brandon

I’ve been working on a guitar for a player in nearby Vancouver BC. I make all the parts in my shop. They will start going together pretty quickly.

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Batuque goes away after a trip to the Guitar Spa

Batuque was in rough shape when she came in. (See these posts (1) (2) .) Back braces loose, bindings broken, rattled when played. The fix was to remove and replace the back, reglue the braces, new bindings, refresh the finish and make sure playability and sound were good. After the owner got the guitar back, he wrote how much the restoration pleased him. “Fab” he said. Bart also has another guitar that I built for him in 2004.

Hi Steve,
Yes, the guitar came in today.  The restoration is absolutely wonderful!  I definitely was not expecting it to be this fab, considering the shape it was in.  It looks and plays beautifully.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such great care of it!  Also, this is the first time that the 7 string and the Batuque are in the same room.  It was truly a pleasure to a/b them for the first time ever!  I feel like a kid in a candy store with these two guitars!
Cheers, Bart

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Still Life with Guitar

I got an email from James Bishop Edwards this morning. Here is what he wrote:

Hi Steve, sometimes the morning light hits the guitar and it looks beautiful so I have to take a photo.:)

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Batuque – refreshing the finish

One of the nice things about french polish shellac is that it can be refreshed. So, after Batuque got it’s back repaired and replaced, I began give it a refreshed finish.

It looks pretty good. Not perfect, but it’s not so rough anymore. Compare to the before pictures

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Batuque… more pictures from before restoration

The loose back braces were the biggest issue and needed to be fixed. Some of the cosmetic issues were really not critical. Although the broken bindings were. Because of the damage to the bindings, I decided to replace them, and take off the back, repair/reglue the loose braces, make and install new bindings, and then finish the guitar.

The following pictures are from before the restoration on Batuque was started, back in March. I’ll post some”after” pictures soon, I just wanted to show the condition when the guitar arrived. (Although this guitar has had some rough use, I’m happy to see that over the last 16 years, it appears to have had alot of use, and that is a good thing.)

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Batuque from 2003

Here is a guitar with a history. It’s been through some emotional and physical trials. It’s nice to have it here in Blaine to be fixed up. Built in 2003, in Bellingham. Brazilian rosewood that I got in the early 1990’s. Beautiful Cedar top. I wish I could get this color and quality nowadays. It’s definitely worth fixing up.

The guitar had been banged around a little, there were two broken bindings in the back. The back braces had come loose. Sometimes things just need to be taken apart in order to put them back together for the best result. Such is the case with Bart’s Batuque.

I remember this time in my life. A pretty good time.
That’s a clothes iron in the foreground. I use it to heat the tools when taking off the back. This takes so much patience. But the back came off in one piece, without disturbing the braces. It just took time, and calm work.
So, there’s a bracing style I haven’t used in quite a while. For as rough as the guitar looks on the outside, it looks beautiful on the inside.
The back needs the braces glued. There must have been some extremes of heat or moisture, or both. After I put it together again, it will sound better without those rattling braces.
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