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Batuque goes away after a trip to the Guitar Spa

Batuque was in rough shape when she came in. (See these posts (1) (2) .) Back braces loose, bindings broken, rattled when played. The fix was to remove and replace the back, reglue the braces, new bindings, refresh the finish … Continue reading

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Rod’s Mom’s Guitar (son of) … Repairing the back braces

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Previously on the blog: I introduced the CF-100. Here are some pictures documenting the back braces problems and the fixes. All four back braces were partially detached! All four now attached and doing their jobs. Reaching inside for the brace … Continue reading

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High action treatment

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A friend brought his guitar to me to fix.    The most serious problem was the action… about 1.6 mm too high at the 12th fret for both the bass and treble E strings.  The cause: the neck had pulled up  … Continue reading

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Alain’s Frets

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Alain has had his guitar for about 10 years, give or take a month or two.  It has served him really well during that time. (see and hear some of his many videos here) He has an upcoming concert with … Continue reading

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