Blast from the past… 8 string guitar offered – used

I get emails from Elderly Instruments in Lansing Michigan. They have a guitar which I built a while ago. Here’s a screen dump of a part of the listing.

You can find more information about the instrument at the link below.

This was the first guitar with 8 strings I made. April 1997 according to my records. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this guitar. It looks to be in pretty good condition. I cannot resist noting this elderly instrument (25 years old) is at Elderly Instruments. !

But the action looks perfect, the finish looks good. The top shows some playing wear, but there is thin golpeador on the top that protects it.

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  1. Zachary Blandford says:

    Hello Steve
    Zachary here, I just purchased your 8 string from Elderly! I was wanting to ask what brand of strings you would recommend. I should be receiving shipment today! Very excited.

    • steve says:

      Hello Zachary.
      Congratulations, and I share some excitement.
      In general I trust D’Addario.
      The exact strings? It sort of depends upon how you want to tune it. I often individual base strings from D’Addario. Maybe NYL050 and NYL052 or 054 would get you to have a low D and Low C,B or A.
      I had one customer who had an high E as the 8th!
      Any 6 string set you prefer should work.
      If you want to buy an entire new set you might try La Bella 8SG Professional 8 String Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set

      Don’t hesitate to get in touch to let me know how it is going or ask questions.

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